Sunday, December 28, 2008

Number 5 - Frosty

Ok.. i've decided to do a Top 5 countdown of my favorite photos from posting throughout the year in 2008. My number 5 selection is Frosty from a cold morning in November, as he was looking out the window. I actually had 2 angles of the shot that I took at the time and fought over which one to use. So, for the countdown, here are both! I picked the first one above to post =)


Am I doing okay? said...

Hey Brian - I meant to post pictures of our Christmas tree this year on my blog. I wanted to feature the ornaments you gave me. Remember, the ones your mom painted made out of gourds. I wanted you to know I still have them and they bring me great JOY every year. xoxo & Happy New Year -V

Anonymous said...

Hehehe - soooo friggin adorable!!!
Love those eyes!!!
Nice choice - but you have so many good ones Brian - how do you choose your favs?

Sterl the Pearl's Daily Pics of Boulder said...

oh my goodness. speechless. cuter than cute. as a cat owner, i really appreciate this hilarious feline!

marley said...

He is such a good looking cat. I like how he is poking his tongue out!