Saturday, May 26, 2012

out house

as a child, my family had a lake cabin with a real outhouse. i was always afraid of something being down that hole that was going to get me.... and let's not talk about the smell...

much like the port a potties i go in at all the runs =)  today's photo was a replica of an old outhouse at the park in farmer's branch. it came with no smells,  but i was still afraid to get too close to the 'hole' lol =)

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Lynette said...

No, let's don't talk about the smell which I vividly recall from the outhouse behind my paternal grandparents' house in little ol' Walnut Grove, Mississippi. Whew. And I agree about port a potties, but thank goodness they are there at places like the Hood River Fruit Loop Tour, Swan Island Dahlias, and the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Tulip Fest.