Saturday, December 17, 2011

frosty saturday

it was cold outside this morning, frost on the windshields! not quite as cold as last year when we did the 1st annual Santa CLAW 5k. This year was the 2nd annual - love it when they follow thru!!  we've been taking it a little easy the last week, and i could feel that during the race today - had to walk several times! finished in 32:06. Not a PR, but not too bad! =)

today's photo is frosty... my cat.  a x-mas package came in the mail and i layed it on the couch. frosty has never met a box he didn't like - any size. he was letting me know this was his box. hurry up and open it =)


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Jim Klenke said...

I dont think frosty can fit in that box.