Tuesday, December 6, 2011

do these make me look fast?

it's Christmas time, and grandma wanted to get her shopping done early =) so she bought me new running shoes for Christmas. And i couldn't ask for a better gift! I ran in them today for the 3rd time, and they feel great! i was fitted for these shoes, which was much better than the last pair i picked out for myself!

got the new shoes at RunOnTexas! store, sponsors of a lot of races around the dallas area. they have a nice, friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable staff - and races are always well organized when sponsored by runon =) i should work for them!

thanks grandma!


Jim Klenke said...

next time we are in a race I will look behind me and see if they make you look fast.

Anonymous said...

lightning fast, man! =) heheheee

Lynette said...

So glad to hear some news on your Grandma. She certainly got you a great present!