Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the Warrior Dash race is on!

Warrior Dash Texas 2010 is back on!! Late updates indicate the final decision places the ultimate race back on the schedule for this weekend - with limitations.

Michael over at Obstructed View says that the race is on with the limitations of busing people to site (no onsite parking), and no more than 2,500 people on site at one time.

Dallas Observer blog indicates a similar issue with parking, and that updates will follow with new parking information. I'll update whenever I find something.

Jim over at Terrell Daily Photo also reports that all registered participants will be receiving an email update from organizers later tonight or tomorrow.
Personally, I'm pleased with the decision and hope everything works out without any problems.
**LATER UPDATE** 4/28/10 -- today we'll find out if Dallas County is going to stick their noses in the mess... let's hope not.
**Latest update! 4/28/10 -- the lawyer for Warrior Dash will be meeting with Dallas County officials at 1pm today to try and work out any last minute issues.... stay tuned!
Final Update: The race is on!! See you this weekend!!


Halcyon said...

This is a cool pic. I like the angle and how you've blurred those other flags in the background.

Good luck for the race!

Anonymous said...

THAT is a really really cool shot, Bri! Great shooting!!!