Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Alternate Universe

In fairness to everyone, my photo today is definitely NOT my house - it's the front yard of the 'other side'. =)

In the middle of all the negativity that seems to come out during this season, I think the important thing to remember is the state of our economy and country and the need to come together to get to 'shakin' up and fixin' things' after everything is said and done in 13 days....We all live in this country and we all will need to have a part in putting it back together.

Oh yeah, and this photo is also a veritable checklist of who NOT to vote for =)
(Breathwit, Shoen, Mccain and even Betty Brown! ) Just kidding - to each his own, the important thing is just to get out and vote. (and vote Democrat!)

I'd also like to add this youtube video of Mama Cass and John Denver singing on a variety show years ago - and they discuss the election going on back at that time before beginning the song. A timeless and important message about voting!


Lynette said...

You're so right, Brian. We need to work on this together for sure. Still and all, it's pretty scary right now, isn't it?

Halcyon said...

I have not seen one single Obama sign around Jackson. I'll be sure to take a picture if I do!

Maybe I should get one for my yard. What I really want is one of those bicycle-wheel thingies to put on my golf pushcart wheels!

marley said...

Your funny Brian! I thought you were being all partisan, but then your message - vote Democrat! I'm with you, I only wish I could :)