Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here's to the crescent moon! shining in the sky!

Alright, I have a few more fireworks photos that I want to post - but I'll save them for emergencies =)

I was shocked tonight when going through my photos from Friday night, July 4th, and I realized that I had photographed the exact same area of sky that Jim did over at Terrell Daily Photo on his post from Sunday (second photo).

We both have the exact same sky, clouds, and moon taken at the exact same time but from different parts of the city. He was set up and photographing from the festivities of Ben Gill Park, and I was in a nice quiet parking lot a few miles away. He posts his photo time at 9:14pm, and when I saw my similar shot I was surprised to see my timestamp of exactly
9:14pm also...

Funny also, the clouds in the distance in my shot he was almost directly underneath! One last note - the reflections at the bottom of my shot are from the roof of my car - I didn't have the tripod set up yet =)

Believe it or not!


Anonymous said...

I think this is a nice photograph. It looks like a person can see forever in the distance.

Patty and I will be celebrating 53 years of marriage on July 12th. Think of it as a long-term relationship.

I have invited bloggers to offer suggestions on a gift for me to give Patty and the list would not be complete without your ideas.

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Anonymous said...

Coincidence? Don't know, but very cool!!!

smilnsigh said...

Jim said to come over and he was right! This is an awesome photo!

All of it! Sky, moon, night lights and night light reflections.

You *should not* have told us, that was the roof of your car. I was happily ready to think it was some pond/lake. Really. :-)

Photos-City-Mine blog

marley said...

Spooky! Its a lovely sky.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

nice shot!!

Halcyon said...

I've always found it funny that there are two photo blogs in Terrell. I mean, Terrell is not New York or Paris!

I like this sky photo. The moon is very pretty off in the distance.

Unknown said...

Great shot, Brian. I love to see how people do night shots.

And I think it's great you and Jim capture Terrell as a team. Everyone sees things so differently sometimes, even when we're looking at the same scene! Speaking of which, there's another Seguin blog that just came online. I'll post about it tomorrow. :)