Saturday, April 12, 2008

Old Texaco Sign

This old Texaco sign used to live on top of a pole somewhere, but now it sits forgotten in the alley behind downtown Terrell. It's been here for as long as I can remember, so I guess it's not recyclable.. with my recent research I've been doing for Earth day, which is coming up on April 22nd, I seem to be more discerning and aware of wasted resources.

I'm not perfect by any means, but I do at least find myself more mentally aware of when I'm selecting a styrofoam cup vs. paper... or if I'm using 2 coffee stirrers instead of one... these are all items that will end up in a landfill somewhere...

My goal going forward is to think about all the disposable things I use in my life every day, and to select just one thing each month to change that will be better for the environment.
Do you do anything in your daily life to make more eco-friendly choices? Like what?


Janet said...

Hey, this sign may be historic. It definitely doesn't need to be thrown away though.

Dan said...

Wonderful pic Brian. Love the colors in this. I am with you. I am not bunny hugger but do find myself more careful about resource use and recycling. I am concerned about the world I am leaving to future generations.

When I was in Nacagoches a few weeks ago I say an old Sinclare (sp?) Gas sign. You know, the one with the dinosaur?

Tricia said...

There's a house on my way to work w/ a couple signs in the back yard too. How did these people get the signs? Steal them? Or what? Why do they keep them? Will they be worth a lot of money one day? Hmmm.

iBlowfish said...

Great find. I saw one of this sign in my city at the abandon gas station. I wish I could remember where that gas station.

Halcyon said...

At work, I print internal documents on the backside of already printed paper. I also use the waste paper to make notes on.

Since I'm in charge of buying office supplies, I also try to chose products made from recycled materials.

smilnsigh said...

Awwww, I love old signs... though.

And we are really into how we handle taking things home from the grocery store. We use our own bags, for as much as possible. No landfills or recycle for our own bags.

And we return for recycling, the plastic bags we do use. Little but it feels good.

We used to try to remember our own bags, and use paper, if we forgot. But this way, seems the most environmentally friendly of all. :-)