Monday, April 7, 2008

A Horse is a horse, of course....

that is, of course, unless the horse is a cow! I'm not sure if these cows are experiencing an identity crisis, but they can't fool me! Joking aside, it's been months since I first saw these cows laying by this sign, and when I went back to take a photo they were all gone....

So now, months later I was finally able to get my photo! Happy Monday all!


incongruenciasabormiel said...

what will happen with the cows if somebody open the fence?! :P

smilnsigh said...

Hi there Brian, and thank you for commenting in my Daily Photo blog.

Pretty funny entry here. Glad you finally got to get a photo of what you saw originally.

And also thank you for introducing me to your Grandma, in your last entry. I just left a comment message for her, back there. Or in the comment you linked to. One of them. -grin-

Come on, I'm a "Woman Of A Certain Age," like she is. We have the right to forget which entry we were commenting in, at times.


Pat said...

Thank you Brian for visiting Guelph. I was amazed to see that Turkey Vulture so close. Aren't they ugly critters?

Love your sign today! That's really funny!


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Unknown said...

Ha ha, that's a great one! I might have to send this to my nieces for their family magazine they put together every quarter. They love to find unusual or off-the-mark signs like this. May I point them to you?

Janet said...

Hard to catch a photo op like this one! Cute!
You should try sending this one to Country Magazine.

Halcyon said...

Hee! I guess this farmer doesn't know his merchandise very well. :)