Saturday, November 5, 2011

party on the lawn

it was a long day... =) but fun

started out with a 5k on the SMU campus this morning - and ran a new personal record time of 29:23! After the race, Jim and I both won prizes in the Theta Raffle - me a 25.00 gift certificate for food, and jim a 25.00 gift certificate for merchandise at a local school spirit store!

The SMU homecoming game against Tulane started at 2pm... and we stayed and watched a little while before heading up north to Celina... to the Celina balloon fest!

Unfortunately, high winds kept the balloons from coming out for a lift or even a glow. But the festival was cool, with a couple live bands and festive atmosphere. And again, it's been a long day!

I don't like daylight savings time, but i'll take that extra hour of sleep tonight!


Jim Klenke said...

They really like to party on the Blvd at SMU.

Anonymous said...

the extra hour is always nice! i sure wish the balloon festival wasn't cancelled, I wanted to see the pics. Congrats on your run!

I sent Val the text last night about the eq, we was texting at the time anyway, & she said she felt it... she was at her computer & the chair & desk started shaking all of a sudden! =0 I didn't feel it, tho... how's it possible to feel it this far away from the epicenter?! YiKeS
I sure hope these eqs don't trigger the New Madrid eq line

Lynette said...

That party scene sure looks clean. Proud of you and Jim and your running times and raffle wins! I like daylight savings time myself.