Thursday, November 24, 2011

my 2nd annual turkey trot

today was the 44th annual turkey trot in downtown dallas - my 2nd annual =)

last year i ran the 5k and today i did the 8 mile. i was pretty happy with my finish of 1:25:57. especially with the thick crowd of walkers in the first 3 miles!

the pic today was taken by jim over at terrell daily photo. i was okay with the short sleeves during the race, but before we got started it was a cold 45*!


Lynette said...

OK, so I know what you mean, literally, with "thick crowd of walkers," Brian. But, what I immediately saw was a whole lotta old folks and their walkers, with tennis balls on the front legs, which you had to skillfully maneuver.

Anonymous said...

it was 45 in Dallas? yikes, I'm surprised you wasn't freeeezing... that's a stutter from being sooo cold! =0

Jim Klenke said...

walkers, dogs and strollers.