Sunday, October 16, 2011


well, here we are at the close of another weekend... i decided a while back not to wish time away, so i try to enjoy the weekdays just like the weekend =) but i do like when i get to sleep in on a weekend day!

today's photo is the midway at the state fair. always a magical place for me as a kid; i loved all the games and flashing lights and loud noises. and candy apples. and cotton candy =)

everyone at work will be happy about the rangers... all my family in missouri is happy about the cardinals... would be cool to go to a world series game! for free... it would be cool to go for free =)


Jim Klenke said...

thats SUPER Midway. Go RED BIRDS!

Anonymous said...

i haven't had cotton candy in ages & ages... oh a funnel cake, too... YuMmY! =)

Yeah your family is happy about the Cards... GO CARDINALS! Cardinals have the most loyal fans... Jim, case in point!!! =)

Jennie Louise said...

I'm still learning all the American terminology... Cotton candy is Candy Floss to us ( English ) and never heard of Funnel Cake. But I do love the fair !!!!