Saturday, January 8, 2011

superbowl xlv 5k

Well, i'm 0 and 2 so far this year on the accuracy in my race times. Last week, the race organizers switched mine and Jim's results.

This week, the race organizers had no record of my registration after I finished the race. Even though I'd picked up my bib, shirt and race packet at the Plano Verizon store earlier this week.

So, after the race I had to verbally tell the race timer (from Run On! Texas) my name and finish time. He didn't record it may not have heard me correctly.

I finished with my new best time - 30:24 -- but on the Run On! results page, they have it listed as 34:24... tried to email the race timing people with the correction, but it came back undeliverable!


Had a good run nonetheless... and a new best time... now it's nap time.... =)
**UPDATE** Just to follow-up -- the nice folks over at Run On! Texas were really helpful and promptly made the correction to my time and re-posted the results! Thanks again to Lear Johnson, race director, for his assistance in routing my email through to the correct people.


Mec said...

What a whippin! Every right to grrrr. Keep on running!

Jim Klenke said...

Shhurrr it was 30:24. I bet you were not entered into the SB drawing.

Cilla said...

OMG... What a mess. You should have your money back for the startingfee! Sorry for all that mess. When is your next race? You did great anyway!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Gang,

I was the Race Director for his event. Brian, sounds like you and our timer were able to update your time. We jotted it down incorrectly at the timing van when you brought the missing time to our attention.

Easy fix, thanks for following up with us. Our timers are used to cleaning up data and trouble shooting.

Don't fret. You were in the pool for the SB ticket drawing.

If you ever have results trouble at a Run On or Racing Systems event, please contact:

Safe Running,
Lear Johnson