Wednesday, February 10, 2010

signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

A couple days ago I posted a photo of Betty Brown's campaign sign from the 2008 election, and promised to get back with a current sign from this year ... so, here it is. Eerily similar to her last election signs, not that there's anything wrong with that.

The sign for Lance Gooden is Betty's challenger in the primary election.

For those of you who do not remember who Betty Brown is, she's the Texas state district representative who suggested back in 2009 that Asian Americans should 'Americanize' their names so it would be easier for Americans to pronounce. Ahem.

If you like, you can click thru to this site that will run your name through the Betty Brown name generator and return to you an official American name that any poll worker can understand =) My official Betty Brown approved name, according to this site, is Billy-Ray 'Pabst Blue Ribbon' Brown. Sounds good to me, and it even has beer in the name!

Oh, and in all fairness between the candidates:
Fun fact about Lance Gooden: He was the valedictorian of his high school class.
(Betty Brown was a baton twirler)


Don and Krise said...

Wow, you got Billy-Ray? I got John-Boy. It's too bad I'm not Asian. I wonder if she can do anything to help me with my German heritage.

Anonymous said...

Same ol'sign same ol'Betty .The more things change the more they stay the same. Why do I feel if she's voted out she will contract the Joe Parnell disease and run for any office available?

John K. said...

Betty Brown is a disgrace. I'm just glad Lance Gooden is bringing fresh ideas and a fresh perspective to District 4. Betty Brown is way out of touch and needs to go.