Thursday, February 25, 2010

i got your mud...

The Terrell Tribune recently changed their circulation schedule, resulting in today's issue being the next to last one that will be published before the March 2nd primary on Tuesday. (Sunday will be the last edition for the candidates to get in their final punches!)

My first photo above is Andrew Jordan's campaign ad in the Tribune. I share his concern in drawing attention to the shortfalls involving the current drunk DA, Rick Harrison. Personally, I don't understand how Mr Harrison still has his license after driving the wrong way down a street, hitting another car and refusing a breath-alyzer. My opinion... and vote for Andrew Jordan! =)

My only problem with the ad is the imaginary 'red' line through Mr Harrison reminds me of the diver's flag...

Next was an ad from Betty Brown. She apparently has a lot of money to spend with her 2 full page ads in the paper. One was her normal, sweet 'vote for me' ad.

The 2nd page ad was my photo below where Betty uses the word liberal 3 times and tries to tie Lance Gooden in with democrats. She's tamed her ad somewhat - recently she's been talking about how Lance was too young and had just moved out of his parent's house. Now she just tries to draw attention to the fact that Lance hasn't paid property taxes before.

I truly have no idea if he's paid property taxes before. All I know is he graduated valedictorian of his high school class and must be pretty smart.

I also know the ad makes you look petty, Betty. And I felt the ad was missing a proper red line through it for example. So here you go petty Betty.


Jim Klenke said...

Petty Betty, I like the circle with the line through it.

Tony said...

Betty Brown is a joke. Out of touch and about to be out of office.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the fact that your sister & niece was hit by a DRUNK DRIVER driving north in the southbound lane & could have been KILLED! JACKASS!
Sorry bout that outburst, but I get a lil PISSED when I read about drunk driving, especially about someone that's suppose to be a public official! DAMN HIM!