Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i got my eyes on you

today i have a photo of the 2 outdoor cats that live around my house... under it, in the garage, on top of the garage, on my vehicles... they're always laying around taking a nap somewhere or else they're eating =). sometimes they bring me dead birds as a present. they have fought off raccoons, dogs, and other stray cats to protect their territory... the one in front is named Ezmerelda and the younger one behind her is just kitty =)

strike a pose!


James said...

I a sucker for a good cat picture.

Halcyon said...

They look like good street kitties - fierce and ready for a fight!

Anonymous said...

Ez looks a lil rough in the top photo, but looks pretty in the bottom shot - I love her coloring & that tongue cracks me up!

How's Fwosty?!

marley said...

I like how she's poking her tongue out at you!