Thursday, May 7, 2009

pc troubles :-(

Well, I had a fatal pc crash last night and lost everything from 2009 on my pc. Luckily I had recently backed up 2008, and thought I'd done up through April - but apparently not... After restoring the system late last night and checking the portable hard drive, I only backed up 2008! so... i lost lots of pics =( oh well - now i need to get out and take some more - and be more conscientious about backing up my photos!!!
luckily my mom and grandma gave me an ipod for my birthday back in march, so i have all my songs still - saved by the portable storage devices!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry bout your computer probs, but this is a really cool shot!

Cezar and Léia said...

wow sorry to know about it!
But you gave me an advice indeed, because I have never done a back up from my pictures!I will do it for sure!
Glad to know about your favorites songs!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Léia :-)

marley said...

Ooops, you've learnt the hard way :(