Friday, February 8, 2008

First National Bank Building - Terrell Texas

My post for today is a night photo of the old First National Bank building in downtown Terrell, Texas. I believe our building here in Terrell is currently being used by a local law office, as the bank itself closed years ago. Both this and the building in Kaufman are nearly identical, except the one in Terrell seems to rise slightly higher up from the ground.... you can see a few streaks across the pic from passing cars... =)


marley said...

Cool looking building. I love the effect the light makes on the photo :)

Pat said...

Oh, nice night photo and it's really interesting to see the streaks of light from the passing car!


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Isadora said...

Not only is it a great looking building but the way you took the photo - it gives it a romantic haze :) Have a great week-end.