Friday, September 21, 2012

keeping on

today's photo was taken exactly a year ago at the 'flights of our fathers' fly-in 2011.

it's been a tough year making new milestones and first anniversaries since my grandma's been gone.  i still feel her with me a lot of the time though, and pushing me to stand up for myself when i'd normally let things slide. she was a tough old broad and didn't take any guff from anyone. even me...

it's a long road we travel, and that marathon is only 37 days away!  this weekend is a 17 mile run.  and i'm running in the same shoes grandma got me for christmas last year.  =)


Anonymous said...

She's so cool... look at her w/ those shades on & they look so good on her... love those shoes, too! =)

Lynette said...

Brian, thanks for much for sharing this swell photo and your thoughts on the last year. I appreciate both of them very much.