Saturday, March 10, 2012

run day

today was a long run in preparation for the rock n roll half marathon at the end of the march... the 'leaping leprechaun' 15k was held this morning in McKinney. I had a personal record, too! my previous best 15k time was 1:42 - and I shaved about 3+ minutes off that to finish in 1:38:50... pretty happy with that!

i was also happy that the rain held off until later in the day - the forecast had called for a cold, rainy morning for the race... so thank goodness for the weatherman being wrong again!  =)

and finally, here's to daylight savings time ending until november!~  =) i like having more daylight hours at the end of the day!


Lynette said...

So glad you and Jim didn't get rained on during the 15K. Proud for your best 15K time!

Anonymous said...

good run & congrats, bri! =)